Cornerstone Circles

We invite you to join us as a Cornerstone Circle member, contributing in one of the donation tiers created in honor of these trailblazing directors.

John Rich Circle

$1,200 per year

Dorothy Arzner Circle

$2,500 per year

John Singleton Circle

$5,000 per year

Orson Welles Circle

$10,000 per year

Cornerstone Circle Members
John Rich Circle
Linda Mendoza in Memory of Bruce Gowers
Scott Berger in Memory of Robert Butler
Wellfleet Foundation
Zetna Fuentes - In Memory of Carl Weathers
Taylor Hackford
Paris Barclay
Jim Hoskins
James Parriott
Julie Shelton
Austin Community Foundation
Anthony Rich
Carl Weathers
Dana Scott
George Huang
Kathleen McGill
Kevin Koster
Leonard Garner Jr. – In Memory of Robert Butler
Michael Simon
Otto Michael Penzato
Paul Casey
Robert Markowitz - In Memory of Robert Butler
Michael Zinberg - In Memory of Robert Butler, Rod Holcomb,& Carl Weathers
The Danny Strong Charitable Fund
Dorothy Arzner Circle
Mark Cendrowski
Todd Holland
Andrew Stanton
Christina Barber
Jay Roth - In Memory of Carl Weathers, Rod Holcomb, & Norman Jewison
Lesli Linka Glatter
Lisa Read
The Strauss Foundation
Jessica Lowrey
Joe Nussbaum
360 Group International
Mimi Leder
John Singleton Circle
Ben Falcone
Donald Heitzer Estate
Russell Hollander
Dan Attias
Assaf Family Trust
Orson Welles Circle
Ron Howard
Steven Spielberg in memory of Carl Weathers
The Morf Foundation
Mary Hardwick
David Chase
James Burrows