Our History

Our Founding
Established in 1945, the Directors Guild Foundation has a rich history of generosity. Distinguished DGA board members and industry leaders such as Frank Capra, Cecil B. DeMille, John Ford, Gil Cates, Sr., Howard W. Koch, and John Rich were instrumental in developing the mission of the DGF.
Supporting our Members
The current Trustees continue this proud tradition of service by providing confidential loans to Directors Guild of America members: standard loans to assist members who are experiencing short term financial hardship and emergency loans to assist members experiencing an immediate need due to a natural disaster, medical emergency, or the like.
Ongoing Wellness
In addition to the DGF’s history of helping DGA members in need through its interest-free loan program, the Foundation established the DGF Cognitive Wellness Program. In partnership with the Motion Picture & Television Fund and the UCLA Longevity Center, this 10-year commitment supports an ambitious research program exploring ways to delay the onset of dementia and Alzheimer symptoms. This MPTF/UCLA partnership exemplifies how the Foundation expands to support DGA members' evolving needs and the entertainment community's well-being.
Continuing the mission
In the 21st Century, the Foundation continues its vital mission of serving DGA members in need and directly supporting organizations that are responsible for the physical health and well-being of DGA members and the entertainment community. Please join the Foundation’s Board of Trustees in these worthy initiatives by making a tax-deductible contribution, giving back to those who can use your help the most.

DGF officers

Todd Holland

Chairman of the Board

Scott Berger

First Vice Chairman

Jay D. Roth

Second Vice Chairman

Cleve Landsberg


Michael Zinberg

Assistant Secretary

Millicent Shelton

Assistant Treasurer

DGF Trustees

Paris Barclay

Laura Belsey

James Burrows

Gil Cates, Jr.

Mark Cendrowski

Derrick Doose

Derrick Doose

Zetna Fuentes

Leonard Garner, Jr.

Lesli Linka Glatter

Taylor Hackford

Joanna Kerns

Kathleen McGill

Martha Mitchell

Edward Ornelas

Joyce Thomas

Jesús Treviño

Thomas Whelan

Help us continue our mission of support and care.